Interview: ‘We can’t just sit down and allow ungodly movies fill the air’ – Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, son of pioneer Christian filmmakers, Evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, is a passionate young man already carving a niche for himself in the Nigerian Christian film industry. 

In an interview with REDigion, Damilola talks about his role in the Mount Zion Films Ministries, his movies, source of inspiration and also about the future of Christian movie-making in Nigeria. Enjoy!

REDigion: Many know you as the son of Nigeria’s renowned Christian filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye. Tell us more about yourself and what you have been up to recently.

DAMILOLA: My name is Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. I graduated from Bowen University, studied mass communication. I am a gospel film writer, producer , director and actor; And most importantly I am a child of God. 

So we just concluded finalizing mount Zion’s latest movie THE STALKER and the DVD is ready to be released for sales. But on my birthday September 16, it will be dropped on YouTube.

REDigion: If you had not been born into a Christian drama family, would you ever have thought of being in the industry today?

DAMILOLA: Honestly I have no idea what it is like to be born out of the Mount Zion family, because this is where my foundation of ministry was laid

REDigion: You are the brain behind some recent Mount Zion movies. What keeps you going?

DAMILOLA: Number one God keeps me going. The Bible says the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. This understanding makes me understand that there is a lot to do. We can’t just sit down and allow ungodly movies fill the air; we have to create godly alternatives.

Damilola on the set of ‘The Ignition’

REDigion: Your latest movie, ‘The Ignition’, was well received among young people. What’s the inspiration behind it?

DAMILOLA: The Holy Spirit, he teaches all things and reveals hidden secrets. So I will say my inspiration basically is from Him.

REDigion: What do you think are the challenges facing the Christian film industry in Nigeria?

DAMILOLA: Most gospel filmmakers are independent producers. There are no sponsors. That alone can be very challenging but we have been able to overcome that challenge over time and work within our means. Distribution of movies can also be challenging. It is one thing to make a movie and another thing for people to see the movie.

REDigion: Do you see Nigerian Christian movies showing in the cinemas anytime soon?

DAMILOLA: Well Some Nigerian Christian movies have been premiered in the cinemas, so yeah, I see more movies going to the cinemas soon. 

REDigion: If you are not directing movies, what else would you be found doing? 

DAMILOLA: If I am not acting or directing, then I am editing or writing or watching a movie. 

REDigion: What’s your favorite Bible quote and why is it your favorite?

DAMILOLA: Psalm 144vs 1 –  Praise be to the Lord my rock who trains my hands to war and fingers for battle.

Damilola poses with his family members

REDigion: Tell us about your forthcoming movie – ‘Last Man Standing’ and your role in it.

DAMILOLA: LAST MAN STANDING is a movie produced by BETHEL CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP, Maryland USA in collaboration with the Mount Zion Faith Ministry, Nigeria. It was written by myself and directed by Daddy Mike BAMILOYE and I. The movie shows us how the power and the love of Christ can repair the damage of rotten past. It will bless you .

REDigion: When will it be released?

DAMILOLA: By the end of the year it should be ready. 

Filming of ‘Last Man Standing’

REDigion: What is your advice to upcoming Christian filmmakers?

DAMILOLA: My advice to young and coming drama ministers is to be soaked up with the word of God and prayers. It is the abundance of what is in you that reflects on your writing. Don’t get carried away by the activities it doesn’t sustain. It is the word of God that sustains.

REDigion: Thank you for your time. 


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