Meet South African Church where members get baptized with alcohol instead of water

A church in South Africa is currently in the news after the spiritual head, 52-year-old Bishop Tsietsi Makiti, introduced a strange method of water baptism – baptizing members with their favourite alcoholic drink, and not water.

Not only that, members are also allowed to drink alcohol during church services.

The church named ‘Gabola’ after Tswana word for drinking, currently boasts of over 500 members. 

According to the Bishop, he got the idea from the Biblical story in which Jesus turned water into wine. 

So this church also prays for drinks before they are served (Just like Jesus)” he said. “People who drive beer are happy and peaceful. This means they are living in the shadow of God.” 

Since introducing beer into this church located in a tavern, Matiki has witnessed sharp increase in followership and he plans to open more branches. 

See photos of the Bishop, his church members and their beers. 

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