Residents and developers of Adiva Plainfield Estate in Ibeju-Lekki, yesterday, engaged in a scuffle after the developers sealed off the estate and prevented residents from entering.

According to reports, the officials of Mixta Africa, developers of the estate, barricaded the  entrance with their vehicles before locking the gate, after residents rejected moves to build a church in the estate. This infuriated the residents who confronted the developer.

The residents have been in loggerheads with Mixta Africa after the latter decided to site a church at an area designated for other purposes, according to the master plan of the estate as approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning.

Speaking to Vanguard, a resident of the estate, Mr. S.I. Bello reported that building a church in the estate was not only against the plans of the estate, but would also impact heavily on the already-poor facilities they had there.

‘Developers provided nothing’ He said: “In this estate, the developers have hands off everything to the resident association.

“They did not provide the amenities which are the minimum requirements of estates of this magnitude. They neither provided power nor did they did provide water; and there is no sewage system and no road. We improvised everything. They officially handed the management of the estate to the residents association following constant complains because they couldn’t provide the minimum requirement. That is the situation here right now.

“Now that we have struggled to provide these ourselves, they want to stretch theses same facilities by bringing in a church. Mind you, the residents association also provide the security services; we employ the security firm, now they want to site a church in a residential area, a situation which will impact heavily on these facilities.

“We asked them to follow the plan which they showed us before selling the houses to us, but they refused. You can imagine the noise pollution they will cause.

“Because of our resistance, now they have chosen to invade us with thugs, prevent us from going in and out of our houses. Is this fair”?

The situation would have gone worse, but for the timely intervention of the Police from the Elemoro Police Station in Lekki, who doused the tension and asked both parties to maintain the status quo, until the crisis is resolved.

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