Survey: Percentage of born again Christians in America falls drastically due to less emphasis on evangelism

A recent survey conducted by a faith-based research institute has revealed that the percentage of born again Christians in America is declining at an alarming rate, while only a minority of Christians believe they have a personal responsibility to share the gospel.

George Barna, who heads the research organisation,The American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI), disclosed that christianity in America is undergoing serious challenge and placed the blame on the many churches not emphasizing evangelism.

He noted, “Christianity in America is going through a time of substantial challenge. The Church at-large is not likely to grow in the future unless some fundamental changes in practice are made,”

“Fewer churches emphasize and equip people for evangelism these days, and the results are obvious and undeniable. The implications of ignoring gospel outreach — especially among children, who are the most receptive audience to the gospel — are enormous. All the ‘church growth’ strategies in the world cannot compensate for the absence of an authentic transmission of the good news of what Jesus Christ has done for humanity.” he added.

Drawing the results from a monthly nationwide survey this year, it was discovered that out of 9,723 American adults interviewed, only 31% of them identify as bornagain, and this has followed a trend of decline since 2010.

ACFI also warns that in the coming future, the trend will continue to decline as children and teenagers in America are exhibiting a lower likelihood of becoming born again.

As for the reasons behind decisions to follow Christ, 29% of born again Christians pointed to the influence of their parents, 20% say they were influenced by church events while 16% were influenced by family members. 

Concluding the research, Barna pointed out that American parents are failing to build up their children in the Christian faith.

“If you eliminate both family and churches as evangelistic influences in a child’s life, what are the chances that the child will have a positive exposure to the gospel? They are very slim,” he said. “In fact, the research suggests that the greatest hope in such circumstances is that they will face difficult life situations that produce a deeply felt need for a spiritual solution, and that Jesus will be among the options they consider. We are essentially abandoning both the future of the Church in the US and the best interests of our young people through our wholesale dismissal of evangelism and the importance of having Jesus in our lives.”

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