‘Buhari won’t get a second term’ – Prophet Collins Timothy

Prophet Collins Timothy, General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Prayer and Deliverance Ministry, in a recent interview with New Telegraph, revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari will not get a second chance at getting re-elected. He also spoke on issues of Libya slavery, Biafra, and the coming 2019 elections, adding that if care is not taken, crisis may erupt in the country.

Asked if President Buhari should have a second term in office, he said:

Looking at the campaign for Buhari for have a second term, I think that many of those who are calling for it are doing so out of fear of victimisation. Even those who know the truth don’t want to speak it. They are scared because they don’t want to die. Insecurity is one of the problems in our country today. Secondly, people know quite well that there is severe hunger in the land. An old man cannot begin to learn to use their left hand in old age. People may call Buhari for a second term for him, but I don’t see him getting that second chance.

On whether the President will reject the call for re-election, the prophet replied:

No one is calling for his re-election; rather he is the one buying people to speak on his behalf, to come back.

On Atiku, his return to PDP and intention to run for the Presidency, the clergyman said:

These are politicians and their political ways. Politicians can defect from one party to another, whenever they think it will serve their selfish interest. Politicians are chameleons. That’s one thing you must understand about politics. Just like whistle blowers, politicians are the highest whistle blowers. They blow at the front, back and they know what to do. There is going to be a very tough time. If care is not taken, crisis will burst in 2019 election.

Asked if God has revealed a successor to him, he said:

I saw a different person emerging; but let’s talk about that next time.

Asked if Biafra will come to reality, he replied:

Last time we had an interview was a period that IPOB activities was very hot. I told you that I didn’t see it becoming reality soon; that in spite of all the noise the whole thing fizzles. My response to your question has changed much. All that is happening now is creating awareness. President Buhari made a big mistake of descending heavily on IPOB the way he did. His application of excessive for on IPOB rather had the effect of advertising the group world audience. If he had kept silent over it, nobody would have taken the group’s activities seriously. But Buhari’s show of power – dispatching the military to maltreat and kill unarmed IPOB members helped to win sympathy and give IPOB international recognition. If he kept silent IPOB will do and get tired. And IPOB would have taken more years to become relevant. What Buhari did will rather fasten the actualization of Biafra; because after the 2019 election, the struggle for Biafra actualization will be the next agenda.

After the election, there is going to be crisis, if good prayer is not made. There is going to be crisis during the 2019 elections, and the crisis I saw is going to be within the North and the South not even the East. This will be between the Hausas and Yorubas. It is going to be big logger-head. I see a kind of battle that has never happened before. If what I saw clearly manifests, it is going to take only God’s intervention.

On the killing of Nigerians in Libya, he said:

The number of Nigerian immigrants to Libya killed is much more than the number that are returning; and more are still being killed. If you want to trace the root of the problem, you find out that our people here contributed to the killings. As a result of certain measures taken by various government agencies to stop the immigrants from travelling through land, information given out endangered the lives of the migrating Nigerians. God showed me that some of our leaders are the architects of the killings. That is where the whole problem started. They tried every way to stop them and could not. That is why they went from killing in the name of Boko Haram and when it is getting tougher now the next option is to begin to use them as slaves. They will recruit them and bring them back as Boko Haram to distabilize the country.

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