Ghanaian actress, Majid Michel, who is also a pastor, has revealed how some pastors have warned him against preaching the truth and, instead, focus on preaching about what people want to hear.

The born again star disclosed that on one occasion, a pastor had told him that if he (Michael) wanted to go far in ministry and have expensive cars, fabulous looking suits, women to sleep with in the congregation, he should stop preaching the truth.

He wrote:

After a meeting, one deacon said to me, “You really told the people the truth this morning You may never get invited to preach back here again, but you at least told those people the truth.” Thank God for one man who recognized the truth.

Some churches are actually hostile to the good news of Jesus Christ. Most of these churches have been conditioned over the years by their pastors and leaders to give the people what they wanted. “Keep the people happy. Don’t say anything that will bother or disturb the people,” was usually the philosophy among so many of those pastors. And so, as a result, in many of the churches, the people have grown up spiritually starved.

It is astonishing that so many of these church members know that many of their leaders and pastors are living in open immorality, and they do nothing about it, sometimes even condoning it. it seems they think: “if my pastor is having an affair, then it’s okay for me to have an affair.”

In the churches, there is a crying need for a voice to be raised up, someone to stand and tell the truth about God’s standards. in so many of these churches, the standard of success among the ministry is based upon how successful or prosperous one is materially or economically. A pastor who is not prospering economically is not considered to be a successful minister.

After i preached in a particular church one Sunday morning, the pastor took me into his study and said, “Well, young man, that was a fine message, but if you expect to get any place, i mean, if you really expect to make it, then you can’t go on preaching like that. That’s not what the people want to hear.” He walked to the window and pulled aside the blinds to point out his brand new car, and said, “The church buys me a new one every year.” Took his phone out and showed me some fabulous looking suits. He said, “You’ll never have any of these if you keep preaching that way. And another thing,” he added shaking a finger at me, “you’re too prudish. if you want to be a successful preacher, you’ve got to keep the sisters happy. if they want you to go to bed with them, do it just use discretion. it really gets you favor when you need it. ENOUGH! 

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