Hi, Potential Contributor! 

We are happy you dropped by and we hope this will blossom into a fruitful relationship. Thank you for your interest in writing for us. As a contributor, you will inspire our readers across the world to become better Christians in all aspects of life.

What is REDigion about?

It is an online, Christian magazine that provides content and other helpful resources to inspire, inform, educate and even entertain our readers, who are mostly upwardly-mobile and youthful.

What do we write about?

Our content focuses on every day living with a godly twist. We believe so much in Jesus Christ and the Bible,  and so our articles depict this. We cover various areas like spirituality, relationships, entertainment, health, interviews etc. We even have a segment for jokes, riddles and loads of Bible games.

To get an idea of what we write about, read our site.

Do you pay?

Currently, no. But there are other benefits to enjoy. For example, you wil get huge exposure when we include your by-line and a succinct bio that includes a link or two to whatever you’d like to promote. We’ll also share your link in our newsletter and social media platforms.

Can I re-post content published on REDigion elsewhere?

Not until two months after original post here; and when you do, please indicate it first appeared on REDigion with a link back to the post.

How long should my posts be?

We don’t like bothering our readers with long sermons, so we keep our posts between 500 to 900 words.

Will my work be edited? 

We’ll edit for content and clarity, as well as to suit the in-house style and focus. It is therefore important to note that your article must not be anti-Bible or anti-Christ. Sometimes, we may add Bible verses for emphasis.  We also may tweak the headline for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing.

Also, make sure the tone of your article is engaging, respectful, optimistic, upbeat and professional. 

Should I include a photo?

No need. We’ll add one.

What about my headshot?

Our system uses your email to grab your headshot from Gravatar, so make sure your photo is uploaded there.

How do I submit my article? 

Send in your  ready-to-publish article to anu@redigionng.com with Guest Post as subject of the email. Please do not send in articles for appraisal.

What should I do after I submit my post?

When it runs, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts.


  • We disapprove of plagiarism. Therefore, all articles must be original and not have been published elsewhere. 
  • Please fact-check your story and cite sources for your info. Same goes for any images you wish to include. 
  • We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not go in line with our vision. If your article is accepted, we shall reach you within two weeks after submission. 

Please read our Copyright Notice and Disclaimer before you submit an article.  By agreeing to write for us, it is assumed that you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

We look forward to your contribution!